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Benefits of Cinnamon Oil

Scent of cinnamon is proven to improve memory and cognitive skills. High in fiber, iron, calcium, and manganese. Natural anti-inflammatory properties. Helps to regulate and stabilize blood sugar. Lower bad cholesterol if consumed regularly. Relieves pain associated with PMS and … Continue reading

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Pork – The “Unhealthy” White Meat

I do not allow my family to eat any pork products because pigs are the dirtiest animals.  Here are some facts on pork that prove it to be a very unhealthy food to eat: A pig is a real garbage … Continue reading

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Foods That Do Not Mix with Drugs

The number of common prescription drugs that can interact with grapefruit, with potentially serious or even fatal results, is climbing sharply.  Grapefruit juice can interact with more than 85 oral medications, including certain cholesterol-lowering statins, cancer medications, antibiotics, anti-depressants, pain … Continue reading

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Pain – Stress – Depression Cycle

People with pain who are recovering from any tissue damage will have reduced neurotransmitters and suffer with a form of depression that is a natural occurrence. The longer a person experiences unresolved pain the more these chemicals are affected and … Continue reading

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Where Does Your State Excel?

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Gluten Sensitivity/Intolerance

What Is Gluten? Gluten is a sticky, gluey protein found in grains like wheat, barley, rice, and rye.  This gooey protein is commonly used in baked goods. Gluten holds on to the carbon dioxide made from yeast and expands. It’s … Continue reading

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Canning & Freezing Veggies

After you get your veggies from an organic farmer, follow these steps to preserve them.  Keep in mind that canning is best for sauces and freezing is best for whole veggies. How to Can Tomatoes (and other veggies) Required materials: … Continue reading

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Aspertame – Cancer Link

One can of diet soda each day can increase leukemia risks in men and women by 42%, increase multiple myeloma risk in men by 102%, and increase the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma by 31% in men. In another study focusing … Continue reading

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Healthy Oil Comparison

*There are plenty of oils, but these three oils are the healthiest.  When choosing which oil to use, these are your best choices. 1 Do not cook with EVOO. Many chefs heat it in the cooking process. They are dumb… … Continue reading

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Natural Remedies

Natural Pain Relievers Ginger = Inflammation and joint pain, destroys tumors.  Use in recipes. Turmeric = anti-inflammatory.  Use in recipes. Amica = pain reliever from sudden injury.  Apply 3x daily to unbroken skin. Capsaicin = neck, back, and muscle pain.  … Continue reading

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