Medicinal Herbs, Spices, and Food

Dill = kills harmful intestinal bacteria

Cayenne = reduces inflammation, including sinus congestion and pressure

Cilantro = Aids in the removal of toxins and heavy metals (such as mercury) from the blood, resulting in reduced chronic fatigue, joint pain, and depression.

Parsley = Reduces water retention by preventing salt from absorbing into body tissue

Basil = Increases production of dopamine and serotonin, resulting in better moods, De-stressor.  Chewing on basil leaves may reduce symptoms of bronchitis and asthma

Mint = Eases symptoms of irritable bowel, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial.  Use mint oil on forehead for headaches

Ginger = Reduces nausea and motion sickness, improves digestion, regulates blood flow, anti-inflammatory, high antioxidants, food poisoning, lower cholesterol, helps arthritis, increase insulin sensitivity in diabetics, reduces kidney damage in diabetics, induces cell death in all ovarian cancer cells to which it is applied, slow growth of colorectal cancer cells, migraine relief, cold and flu prevention, heartburn relief, menstrual cramp relief

Cumin = Helps diarrhea, blood purifier, helps with stomach cramps

Saffron = Powerful antioxidant, anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.  Treats bladder, liver, and kidney disorders.  Also rubbing on sore gums can provide relief

Herbs and Food that Lower Blood Pressure

  1. Garlic – anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-viral, lowers bad cholesterol, keeps blood pressure stable, clears sinuses, helps digest iron and protein, protects body against damage from free radicals

2.  Cinnamon – antioxidant, helps stop bleeding, eliminates mosquitoes, helps respiratory problems, eases heavy menstruation and menstrual cramps, purifies blood, anti-inflammatory, increases blood circulation, mouth freshener, fights yeast infection, helps with skin infections, antimicrobial, relieves pain, anti-clotting, helps cognitive processes, anti-fungal, helps with diarrhea, colds, flu, arthritis, improves heart disorders, lowers the following:

  • triglycerides
  • blood sugar
  • glucose
  • LDL*

*Our bodies have two types of cholesterol, HDL (good) and LDL (bad)

3.  Onions

4.  Olives – oils from olive help reduce blood pressure

5. Oregano – reduce heart rate and arterial pressure, high antioxidant, rich in vitamin K, iron, manganese, kills E-coli, salmonella, virtually all food-borne pathogens, anti-bacterial

6.  Hawthorn

7.  Cardamom – reduces blood pressure and improves antioxidant status while breaking down blood clots, eases stomach cramps, improves lung circulation

8.  Paprika – Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

9.  Rosemary – fights against obesity, liver diseases, gastritis, cholesterolemia, asthma, edema, blocks carcinogens found in grilled meats, improve cognitive performance and fight off free radicals that cause Alzheimer’s, stroke, dementia

10.  Tumeric – inhibit growth of cancer cells, anti-inflammatory, improve circulation, staph infections, food poisoning, antibacterial, anti-allergic, antioxidant, anti-tumor, antiseptic, analgesic, parasites, gallstones, digestion, improves digestion, diabetes, duiretic, speeds up wound healing, blood purifier, strengthens ligaments, anemia, skin tonic, helps coughs, improves asthma, slows progression of MS, helps prevent gas/bloating, lowers cholesterol, heals stomach ulcers, improves skin conditions, prevents cancer, prevents progression of Alzheimer’s, increases metabolism, reduce obesity and metabolic diseases, reduces side-effects of chemotherapy, helps restore brain cells after stroke.

11.  Mustard Seeds – curbs growth of cancer cells, anti-inflammatory, restores normal sleeping patterns in women with symptoms of menopause, reduces severity of asthma, lowers high blood pressure

12.  Cloves – highest antioxidant, painkiller, treat toothaches and gum pain, eases cold and allergies, antiseptic

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