Dangers of Dairy

cow in milk


  • Today’s milk is pumped full of hormones, provide less calcium and vitamin D than other sources and is causing onslaught of health problems.
  • Today’s milk contains roughly 60 hormones, number of allergens, fat, cholesterol, and a possible link to turning on and off cancer genes.
  • There is more sugar in flavored milk than there is in a twinkie.
  • Plant based sources of vitamin D and calcium are more easily absorbed than milk and are healthier.
  • Plant based source vitamin D and Calcium:  dark leafy greens (especially broccoli, spinach), salmon, almond milk, coconut milk..
  • Soy is BAD!  Stay away from all soy products.  Read labels.
  • Most soy is a GMO, besides that, soy mimics estrogen in women’s bodies; estrogen dominance can lead to increased risks of developing breast cancer, fibroids, endometriosis and low libido.
  • Thyroid function is also suppressed by soy products.
  • Single serve cheese slices are oil, NOT cheese; does not have calcium.
  • Flavored yogurt contains aspartame which is very toxic.
  • NO packaged cheeses because they contain chemicals to keep them from sticking.
  • Always choose cheese from a deli and have them slice it, or you can shred it yourself at home.
  • Real cheese, such as the one I described at the deli, tastes SO much better and melts MUCH better and is creamier.
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