• Microwaves are bad, period.  They are even banned in Russia, and lots of countries in Europe.
  • Microwaves do rob foods of their nutriets.
  • Something to think about…..when injecting cancer cells into rats and they want to see how fast the cancer cell grows, they put the rats in radiation.
  • Not something you want to do to your foods full of nutrients.
  • Also, when heating foods in a microwave, do NOT use plastic as the plastic releases a poison called dioxin into the foods.
  • Microwavable popcorn is bad because the inside of the popcorn bag is coated with the same chemicals that are found in nonstick pots, pans, baking sheets, called perfluorinated chemicals.
  • As stated earlier, stay away from nonstick pans and pots due to perfluorinated chemicals and BPA.

Today, over 90% of homes in America, use microwave ovens for re-heating foods, and for daily meal preparations.  It is so easy to use as it just takes a few minutes to get the meal on the table “ready to eat”. However, as you may already know, a microwave oven essentially uses microwave radiations to heat polarized molecules in food. Unfortunately, these microwave radiations have been found to distort the molecular structure of foods. As a result, microwave preparations lack healthy nutrients as most of them are destroyed during heating!

Contrary to some reports, microwave ovens are not safe.  In fact, the Soviet Union banned microwave ovens back in 1976.

Reasons Microwave Ovens are Not Safe and Healthy:

1. Microwaves Are Harmful For Baby Food

High milk temperature (often resulted due to overheating) could not only burn a baby’s mouth and throat, the steam all encapsulated in the bottle may also cause the bottle to explode due to the presence of radiation gases within it.

Microwave radiations can cause the essential nutrients in the baby foods to be lost, making them unfit for consumption. It’s just like feeding fake milk to the child with no real nutrients at all.

It is safer to place the baby bottle in warm tap water or use a baby bottle warmer.

2. Microwaves Can Destroy Your Blood

Microwaves infect some kind of destructive substances in our blood when it is heated.  In fact, a nurse in an Oklahoma hospital used a microwave oven to warm the blood for a transfusion for a patient.  The patient ended up dying immediately.

3. Microwaves Reduces Hemoglobin Levels

Studies have shown that human blood changes after eating food that is heated using a microwave oven.  Hemoglobin, which is an important constituent of blood decreased while white blood cells and cholesterol increased. Lymphocytes, which provide immunity to the body, also decreased.  Bacteria also increased after eating microwave heated food.

4. Microwaved Food Can Cause Cancer

A food scientist by the name of Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel carried out a study which showed striking discoveries about cooking food in microwaves.  His famous research with a Lausanne University professor showed that food cooked in microwaves has cancerous effects.

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