Healthy Variations of Foods

  • Buy organic, pure cane sugar, only.  Cane sugar actually has health benefits, not just a sweetener.  Whatever amount of sugar you would use in a recipe, use the same amount of pure organic cane sugar.
  • Use Sea Salt; you do NOT need iodine in the salt, as was once widely believed.  We get it from other foods, such as dark green veggies.
  • Pure, unprocessed honey is extremely beneficial.  Do not get the kind sold in stores.  Real honey has no shelf life.  If you live near me, I can set you up with my guy to buy it from him.
  • For optimal health benefits, eat at least 1 Tbs of pure honey a day.
  • Raw garlic is similar to penicillin.  Eat it up when you are feeling an illness coming.
  • Avoid juices (whether orange, grape, etc.) from the store as it is laden with too many sugars and preservatives, and not enough actual orange juice.  Buy a good juicer and juice the drinks yourself.
  • Make your own ice cream.  I can help you decide on a good ice cream maker.  It is very simple.  Ice cream from a store or ice cream shop is loaded with chemicals and preservatives.  Real, healthy ice cream only has about 4 ingredients.
  • I avoid rice as much as possible.  There are pros and cons to this.  Occasionally is fine, but don’t let it be often.
  • White rice is just brown rice that has been stripped of its hull/outer layers, which is where the most nutrients are.
  • Arsenic levels found in both brown and white rice, but more in brown rice.  Studies have showed that brown rice, because of it’s lack of “stripping” contains harmful effects from the environment since it is grown mainly in water and most water is contaminated.
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