U.S. Health System

  • Ranked #37 in overall quality, yet we pay more than another country in the world.
  • Highest infant mortality
  • Lowest life expectancy
  • U.S. ranks 49th in Life Expectancy, First in Health Care Costs
  • USA ranks 7th highest in the world in regards to overall Cancer rates
  • Europe and America has the highest incidence of all types of cancer combined for both sexes.
  • Eastern Mediterranean Region has the lowest incidence rates.
  • High income countries have more than 3 times the rate of low income countries, due to lifestyle, nutrition.
  • Cooking from scratch is usually far more cost effective in the long run, particularly if you stop showing away left-overs.
  • In the U.S. 30% of food, worth over $48 billion, is simply thrown away.
  • 1 Ibuprofen a day for 5 years increased cancer risk by 50%
  • 1 Aspirin a day for 5 years increased breast cancer risk by 80%
  • Birth Control pills, or any synthetic hormone increases breast cancer by 7 times.
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