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Dirty Dozen

**Add green beans and cucumbers to the dirty dozen.

  • To buy everything organic can be very expensive.  That is why I allow myself to purchase certain non-organic foods, those are the ones that can be peeled, such as apples (even though it is in the dirty dozen I peel my apples), oranges, bananas, etc.
  • Also, I found a local farmer near my house that organic meats and veggies.  When you buy from the farmer themselves, it tends to be a lot cheaper than regular, non-organic foods from grocery store chains, such as Walmart, Kroger, etc.  If you live near me, I can set you up with him.
  • Local does not necessarily mean organic; so ask the farmer if he uses organic practices.

Where to Find Organic Farming

Buying organic from the store can be very expensive.  However, it can actually be cheaper than buying non-organic from a major retail chain, if you purchase your products from a local organic farmer.  I found this to be very true.  The trick is to find one near you.  Here are a couple of sites that can help direct you to a local organic farmer.

Keep in mind, one of the biggest myths out there is that local farmers and farmer’s markets mean healthier products.  This is not usually the case as most local farmers use Monsanto seeds, which are very dangerous.  See earlier posts for details on the dangers of Monsanto.  So it is important to find a local farmer that either has the organic seal, or practices organic farming.

Another way to find a local organic farmer is by Facebook.  That is how I found mine.  I posted a question on my wall to see if anyone knew of a local organic farmer and someone directed me to mine.

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