• Cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body.
  • Cancer thrives on sugar.  Sugar feeds cancer
  • Acid body leads to cancer
  • You want to get your body to an alkaline body as much as possible.  Cancer can not survive on an alkaline body.
  • All of us are born with pre-cancerous cells, but normally, our bodies can fight it off.  Sometimes, we cannot fight the cancer cells and it consumes us.

Steps to Avoid Cancer

  • Fake fats, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, bleached white breads, pastries are highly acidic.
  • Moderate exercise helps lymph eliminate acid wastes.  Over exercising can create lactic acid which is, well, acidic.
  • Water is alkaline, so drink water treated by reverse osmosis, discussed earlier
  • Eat foods that are high in magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium
  • Sleep well and relax; stress and poor sleep contributes to acidity
  • Cancer-causing foods = Processed meats and food, cookies, french fries (except home made), hot dogs, donuts, crackers, bacon, chips
  • The above cancer-causing foods have these in common:  bad sugars, processed foods, laden with chemicals and preservatives


alkaline foods


4 natural cancer treatments



Other Anti-Cancer Foods

  • Papaya Leaf Extract = fight various cancers including cervix, breast, liver, lung, and pancreatic cancers, while aiding the cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems
  • Ginger = shrink prostate tumor,  rich antioxidant
  • Turmeric (Curcumin) = cancer-fighter and block cancer growth
  • Garlic = prevents prostate, breast, colon cancers
  • Avocadoes, beet greens, broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, chili peppers and jalapenos, figs, flax, garlic, grapefruit, red grapes, green and yellow leafy veggies, kale, licorice root, mushrooms, almonds, oranges, lemons, papayas, raspberries, red wine, rosemary, sweet potatoes, green and black tea, tapioca, tomatoes, turmeric, chard greens, pumpkin, spirulina, dandelions, sea veggies,  watercress, alfalfa, radishes, celery, mustard greens,  edible flowers, collard greens, cucumber, chlorella, kohlrabi, sprouts, wheat grass, wild greens, spinach, dulce, lettuce, , peppers, barley grass, soursop, noni, grapes, mangosteen, goji berries, dragon fruit, acai berries, apples, citrus, pomegranate, strawberries, kiwi



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