50 Seemingly Healthy Foods that are Actually Unhealthy


1.  Microwave Popcorn — High levels of sodium and the chemical diacetyl

2.  Light Salad Dressings — Filled with preservatives and other additives you can’t pronounce—not to mention sodium and sugar

3.  Trail Mix – High calories, mixes throw in chocolate chips, loads of salt, and added sugars

Granola — Loaded sugar and extra calories are lurking in granola

5.  Artichoke Spinach Dip — Just a few tablespoons can pack hundreds of calories and unhealthy fat grams

6.  Flavored Fat-Free Yogurt — Many flavored yogurts have upwards of 15 grams of sugar in that tiny 6-ounce serving.  More sugar than a twinkie!

7.  Dried Fruit – Has add sulfur and sugar to make it better for store shelves

8.  Flavored Soymilk — add so much sugar and unnecessary calories; plus many soymilk have carrageenan

9.  Energy Drinks – not regulated, so it is not healthy

10.  Smoothies — Some smoothies are made with lots of added sugars, high-calorie ingredients like chocolate syrup, or even use full-fat ice cream as a base

11.  Turkey Sandwich — Highly-processed deli meats can be high in nitrates and sodium, which is hard on the heart. Not to mention that turkey sandwiches are oftentimes loaded with full-fat mayo and include huge portions of bread

12.  Parfait — Can easily contain heavy dessert-like numbers for calories, fat, and sugar

13.  Blue Corn Chips — Similar calorie, fat, and sodium counts as regular white or yellow corn chips

14.  Fish Sandwich — When you fry it, coat a bun with butter, and layer or tartar sauce or mayo, there’s little “health” left in it

15.  Chicken Wrap – When loaded, can contain 400-800 calories, not to mention the heavy sauces in them.

16.  Low-Fat Muffins — When fat is taken out, it is replaced with sugar to make up for the lack of taste

17.  Gluten-Free Products — If it’s packaged or processed, gluten or no gluten, it’s not as healthy as other whole foods you could be eating

18.  Frozen Diet Dinners — Filled with preservatives, too much sodium, and few veggies

19.  Canned Soup — Most cans of soup have 400 or more milligrams of sodium per cup.  High sodium can raise blood pressure, lead to bloating, and just generally make you feel sluggish

20.  Veggie Pizza – Some veggie pizzas are loaded with extra cheese to make up for the lack of meat or use oil-soaked dried tomatoes and olives for flavor

21.  Spinach Pasta — Amount of spinach actually in there is so small that it doesn’t add up to much benefit

22.  Wheat Bread — If the package doesn’t specifically say “100-percent whole wheat,” then it’s probably mostly white bread with just a little wheat flour mixed in

23.  Diet Soda — Made with artificial ingredients and flavorings, it’s not only unnatural and high in sodium, but regular diet soda drinkers have been shown to eat more calories after consuming diet cola

24.  Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter — Most reduced-fat versions contain the same number of calories per serving because when they take the fat out, they add sugar and other fillers in

25.  Fruit Cocktail — most fruit cocktails are made with a sugary syrup that does nothing but drive the calories up without adding any nutritional value.

26.  Fruit Juice — Fruit juice is a quick way to drink a bunch of calories without filling you up due to the large amount of sugar added to them.  Many fruit juices on the market don’t even contain 100 perfect fruit juice.  If you want a fruit juice, make your own.

27.  Baked Beans – Canned baked beans are extremely high in sodium, sugar, and additives

28.  Pretzels — No real nutritional value and are made with white flavor, which quickly converts to sugar in your bloodstream, spiking your blood sugar and causing you to want to eat more and more

29.  Pasta Primavera — Overloaded with cheese and oil

30.  Veggie Chips — Pieces of actual veggies in veggie chips are so thin and so processed, whether they’re baked or fried, that most of the nutrition from the original vegetable is gone

31.  Protein Bars — Unless organic, most protein bars are highly processed, artificial ingredients and fillers.  If your protein bar has more than 200 calories or 8 grams of sugar, it’s more like a candy bar with added protein than health food

32.  Sports Drink — Little more than flavored water mixed with sugar and electrolytes.  Water is best

33.  Tea Drinks – When you buy flavored tea in a bottle or can? Lots of added sugar, sodium, and artificial flavorings

34.  Rice Cakes — Little nutritional value in them. Plus, the new flavored varieties have the added downside of having sugar and salt in them

35.  Frozen Yogurt —  Better for you than full-fat ice cream. However, no matter how many types or toppings they come out with, it’s still a treat that’s high in sugar and can quickly add up in calories if you don’t keep portion sizes to a half-cup (which is so little!).

36.  Granola Bars — Almost always very high in sugar (which is usually high-fructose corn syrup) and low in nutrients, no matter the fruit, chocolate chips, fiber etc. in them.

37.  Organic Snack Foods and Cookies – Organic or not, junk food is junk food.  High in sugars, calories, etc.

38.  Dried Veggies — Added salt and calories without many vitamins. Trade them for unsalted sunflower seeds to get that crunch with vitamin E, magnesium, and thiamine

39.  Flavored Nuts – Coated with sugar and salt

40.  Fast-Food Salads – Check nutritional information before ordering salads.  They can’t be full of extra calories because of the dressing and loaded salad toppers

41.  Protein Shakes — Many are highly processed, high in sugar

42.  Croutons — Don’t offer much nutritional value.  For crunch, try adding walnuts or crispy veggies

43.  Signature Sushi Rolls – Many include mayo, cream cheese, or fried ingredients

44.  Veggie Burger —  Often held together by butter or oil that is large enough to make up two to three meals

45.  Veggie Omelet – Most contain oil or butter, cheese, egg yolks only and fried veggies, which are not healthy

46.  Turkey Burger – Pay attention to what type of ground turkey it is (turkey breast is the most lean) and the toppings

47.  Grilled Portabella Sandwich — Mushrooms absorb flavors like a sponge and chefs are notorious for soaking them in salty condiments and oils.  Cheesy toppings and massive buns make it unhealthy

48.  Fruit Snacks – High in sugar and calories

49.  Multi-Grain Chips – Healthy, unless you indulge

50.  Margarine – Contains trans fats (partially hydrogenated vegetable/corn oils), which is highly unhealthy.  Please click here for further explanation about the dangers of margarine



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2 Responses to 50 Seemingly Healthy Foods that are Actually Unhealthy

  1. Lou says:

    Neat list; almost ANY “food” made by MAN is unhealthy. Processed “foods’ are mostly foods with the good taken out and the bad added.


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