Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed


beef nutrition grass grain


ecoli chart


  • Purchase all meats from local farmer or deli.  Pink slime and other bacteria are found in store bought meats.
  • ½ of grocery store meat has been found to contain staph bacteria.
  • Grass fed meats (chicken and beef) are best, NOT corn.  Cows and chickens were never meant to eat corn, not made that way.  Plus, you already know the dangers of corn (most are GMO).  What the animals eat, you end up eating.
  • Get free-range, grain fed chickens only.
  • Reason why it’s important to get free-range is because it is less stressful on the chicken when they can roam freely and not be confined.  Think, the less stress the animal, the healthier the meat.  I mean, what happens to you when you are stressed…you get sick.  Also, when the animals get to roam freely, they get more exercise which mean they have less fat.
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