Is Chewing Gum Safe?



5 Toxic Ingredients found in chewing gum:

1.  Gum Base —  is a blend of elastomers, plasticizers, fillers, resin, polyvinyl acetate (which is frequently referred to as “carpenter glue” or “white glue”). Paraffin wax is another ingredient that is a byproduct of refined petroleum.  So when you chew gum, these toxins are going into your body.

2.  Aspartame — one of the most body toxic substances we can consume.  See post on “Aspartame.”  Aspartame has been linked to all of the major brain diseases including Alzheimer’s and ALS, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, asthma, obesity (due to extreme acidity), and other diseases.  Aspartame is an excitotoxin, which over excites neurons in the brain until they burn out and die.  This is added to diet drinks.

3.  Hydrogenated Coconut Oil and Starch — Hydrogenation is done to increase the shelf life of a product, turning oil into a more plastic like substance.  This process also creates Trans fats, which are now known to be very harmful to health.

4.  Colors (titanium dioxide, blue 2 lake, red 40) — Titanium dioxide is very common in sunscreen and many other health products, including synthetic nutritional supplements. It is a carcinogen.  Artificial food colorings, such as red 40, are made from petroleum and are dangerous to our health.

5.  Sorbitol, Xylitol, Mannitol, Maltitol — These sugar alcohols are originally made from sugar, but are altered so much that they are considered sugar free. As a general rule, when nature is altered and changed to make a “better” product, it usually ends up being unhealthy.  Remember, natural state is best.

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