Meijer Organics and Meijer Naturals Product Line


Meijer Naturals products.

I LOVE Meijer store for shopping. Wonderful customer service, great prices, lots of variety of products.

Meijer does have a “Meijer Organics” line that is wonderful and very reasonably priced. They also offer “Meijer Naturals” line that is non-GMO, and is priced about 10-15% below national brand prices. The following statement is taken from their website is also displayed on most of their products.

“Meijer Naturals” – minimally processed products with no bioengineered ingredients (GMOs); no high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners; no artificial additives or preservatives; and no added hydrogenated oils or trans fats.”

Meijer Organics — Meijer store gives back 1% of their sales of the Meijer Organics line to support organic farming causes.

I realize Meijer store is not accessible to everyone, but if you do have one nearby, I highly recommend them. I’ve been shopping at the store for over 30 years; always a positive experience.

To see if there is a Meijer store near you, go to:

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