Essential Oils



Here is some background on me, and how my journey of eating healthy began.  I am Mediterranean and all of my family is overseas.  Mediterranean people are well-known for their healthy lifestyle and eating habits.  While growing up, my mother always taught and raised me according to this lifestyle.  After I lost my mom, I started eating processed foods because it was simple and quick.  I noticed I was getting sick a lot more often.  10 years ago I started having a family of my own and decided that I needed to change my eating habits back to healthy, for the sake of me and my family.

Since my mother was no longer around, I started researching ways to prepare foods in a healthy way while cutting out processed foods.  It has been a 10 year journey for me.  I can honestly say that my family and I, except for occasional seasonal allergies, we rarely get sick.  I truly believe it is due to our wholesome eating habits.

Last fall, I researched and discovered essential oils and began using them on me and my family.  I can honestly say they are truly amazing!  I am willing to share my experiences with you.  These oils work!  It is important to choose the right brand, as some are more potent than others.  If this is something that you’re interested in learning more about, I will gladly help you with that too.  Here is my website for doTerra essential oils:

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2 Responses to Essential Oils

  1. Wendy Foor says:

    The Ginger that I tried the other day Diane worked great with my allergies I feel so much better. How do I get some and do you recommend anything else to use for allergies?

    • dianesgarza says:

      Hi Wendy. I think it was Eucalyptus that you tried the other day, which is used for allergies, and it does work wonders. Ginger is more for nausea, etc. I just left a message with your husband. So feel free to call me and we can talk about this further. 🙂

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