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GMO and Non-GMO Snacks

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Companion Planting

Certain plants thrive next to other plants, while other plants do better apart.  This chart shows you wish plants/veggies should be planted near and which ones should be planted far from each other.

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Meijer Organics and Meijer Naturals Product Line

Meijer Naturals products. I LOVE Meijer store for shopping. Wonderful customer service, great prices, lots of variety of products. Meijer does have a “Meijer Organics” line that is wonderful and very reasonably priced. They also offer “Meijer Naturals” line that … Continue reading

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Different “Organic” and “GMO” Labeling and What they Mean

  The wording of “organic” can be confusing, just like the terms, “fat-free, low-fat, reduced-fat. So it’s important to understand the different labels and what they mean. I use to think “Organic USDA” certified meant that the product really was … Continue reading

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Healthy Cooking Oil Spray

  Unlike my previous post that states that most cooking oil sprays are unhealthy because they have propellants added to them, these cooking oil sprays have only one ingredient…..oil.  Even better, it comes in a variety of flavors.  See http://www.winonapure.comContinue reading

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What is Killing the Bees?

Nearly a third of managed honeybee colonies in America died out or disappeared over the winter, an annual survey found on Wednesday. The decline – which was far worse than the winter before – threatens the survival of some bee colonies. … Continue reading

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7 Truths About GMO’s

  7 Things You Should Know About GMO’s: 1.  GMOs are everywhere — Almost all of the corn, soy, cotton, canola, and sugar beets grown in this country are genetically engineered to either produce a pesticide within the plant or … Continue reading

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Is Chewing Gum Safe?

  5 Toxic Ingredients found in chewing gum: 1.  Gum Base —  is a blend of elastomers, plasticizers, fillers, resin, polyvinyl acetate (which is frequently referred to as “carpenter glue” or “white glue”). Paraffin wax is another ingredient that is … Continue reading

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When it comes to brain protection, there’s nothing quite like blueberries. improved vision clearing arteries more antioxidants for disease protection strengthening blood vessels enhanced memory stopping urinary tract infections reversing age-related physical and mental declines promoting weight control. The highest … Continue reading

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Grass-Fed vs. Grain-Fed

Purchase all meats from local farmer or deli.  Pink slime and other bacteria are found in store bought meats. ½ of grocery store meat has been found to contain staph bacteria. Grass fed meats (chicken and beef) are best, NOT … Continue reading

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