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Hazards of GMO’s


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Unsafe Farming


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U.S. Government Ties with Monsanto


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GMO and Non-GMO Snacks

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Companion Planting

Certain plants thrive next to other plants, while other plants do better apart.  This chart shows you wish plants/veggies should be planted near and which ones should be planted far from each other.

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Meijer Organics and Meijer Naturals Product Line

Meijer Naturals products. I LOVE Meijer store for shopping. Wonderful customer service, great prices, lots of variety of products. Meijer does have a “Meijer Organics” line that is wonderful and very reasonably priced. They also offer “Meijer Naturals” line that … Continue reading

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Different “Organic” and “GMO” Labeling and What they Mean

  The wording of “organic” can be confusing, just like the terms, “fat-free, low-fat, reduced-fat. So it’s important to understand the different labels and what they mean. I use to think “Organic USDA” certified meant that the product really was … Continue reading

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