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The Amish have been long thought of as being primitive and not up to date on on our country and world affairs because they do not use modern conveniences, such as telephone, television, computer, etc.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Amish are very aware of what goes on in the country, in particular, they know about Monsanto, GMO’s, and other factory farming practices that are harmful to people and animals.

Purchasing organic foods from a grocery store, especially a chain store, can be very expensive.  But it does not have to be, in fact, in can be very inexpensive.  One way is to purchase your organic foods directly from an organic farmer.  To find a local organic farmer near you, visit:

A second way to find inexpensive organic foods that are wholesome and delicious is through an Amish farmer.  The Amish grow and raise all their own food.  They use time-tested, organic methods that provide them with healthy fruits, vegetables, milk, meat, and other untainted foods that most Americans never get.  Rich in living enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients Amish food is grown and raised the way it should be, resulting in improved health.  Learning disabilities, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases are virtually non-existent in the Amish communities.  Several reasons account for this (lack of vaccinations, more physical labor, do not drink alcohol or smoke, not promiscuous), but a major reason is due to their diet; it is organic and non-gmo, very high quality food and products, and very inexpensive.  See map above if an Amish community is near you.

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  1. Love going to the Amish store in Branson MO when we visit this fun town….!

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