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Bread Crumbs

I feel that this is the best “packaged” bread crumbs that you can get from the store for several reasons.  First, if you plan on frying your bread crumbs (whether you put them on meat or vegetables), these bread crumbs … Continue reading

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Olive Oil – Real or Fake

Fake versus Real Olive Oil Over 70% of the olive oil sold worldwide is fake–watered down, made from olives from multiple regions, and for extra virgin olive oil contains more than 0.8% acidity.  Studies revealed that 65% of imported oils … Continue reading

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Chicken and Eggs

Contrary to what we’ve been led to believe over the past few years, eggs, including their yolks have tremendous health benefits.  When choosing eggs, choose organic, grass-fed, free-range eggs over other types of eggs.  Here is what these “terms” mean: … Continue reading

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    Sea Salt vs Table Salt The major difference between sea salt and table salt is that sea salt is collected in vast trays from the ocean. The water that is caught in these trays is dried by the … Continue reading

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Store bought and Soft Serve Ice Cream

Soft Serve Ice Cream All soft serve ice cream makers must use emulsifiers to replace surface proteins and aid in forming the frozen smooth state of ice cream.  They also contain artificial sweeteners and chemical preservatives making these frozen treats … Continue reading

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Walnuts Studies show that those who eat nuts more than three times a week had a reduced risk of dying from cancer or cardiovascular disease than non-nut eaters.  Raw nuts, especially walnuts help lower blood pressure and blood lipids to … Continue reading

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Walnut Oil

  * Do NOT heat walnut oil as it loses it’s high nutritive values.

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