Treating Common Winter Ailments Using Essential Oils

How to Treat Common Winter Colds Using Essential Oils

Coughs — I apply 3 drops of Breathe Oil, Rosemary, or Myrrh Oil to the chest and feet.  Diffuse the room with Breathe Oil at night.  The OnGuard Throat Drops are great to use during the day.

Runny Nose — Rub a small amount of Lavender Oil under each nostrils and also on the bottom of the feet.  Lavender Oil is a natural antihistamine.  If your child is old enough to swallow a capsule, give them 3 drops of Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint in a capsule daily.

Sore Throat –– Drop 3 drops of Lemon Oil on the tongue and swish it around or place 2 drops of Lemon oil & 2 drops of Melaleuca Oil in a small amount of warm water and gargle it.

Fever — Fevers are the body’s way of fighting off the cold/flu naturally.  We tend to treat a fever as the enemy when it is actually a friend, unless it spikes too high.  Peppermint Oil rubbed on the feet every two hours will naturally bring down a fever.  I also rub it behind the neck.  Use coconut oil on small children with sensitive skin.

Aches — When a family member complains of aches, do the spinal technique on them.  Most bacteria and viruses tend to camp out in your spine, by doing this technique, you will be drawing attention to the problem and taking care of it.  This is great to do with any illness.

  • Apply coconut oil down the spine
  • Follow with 4 drops of Oregano Oil
  • Add 4 drops of AromaTouch Oil
  • End with 4 drops of Peppermint Oil
  • Hot compress with a rice or bean pad for 10 minutes

Stomach Issues — Digestzen Oil and Ginger are great!  Apply 2-3 drops on your abdomen or take 4 drops in an empty gel capsule 3 times daily.

Earaches — Rub 1-2 drops of Basil Oil, Lavender Oil, and Melaleuca Oil around the ear.  Place drops on a cotton ball and place in ear.  Never drop oils directly in the ear canal.  All studies prove that antibiotics are not effective for most ear infections.

Sinus Infection –– Take 4 drops of Oregano Oil, OnGuard Oil, & Lemon Oil in a capsule 3 times daily.  Rub Breathe Oil over sinus area topically. (be careful not to get it too close to your eyes, it will burn)

To learn more about these oils or to purchase them, please visit:

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