Digestive System and Your Immune System

digestive system immune

The human digestive system is the series of organs and glands that process food.  The digestive system breaks down food, absorbs nutrients for the body to use as fuel, ad excretes as bowel movements the part that cannot be broken down.  Our digestive system is vital to our well-being.  Inflammation is the root of all diseases.  To ward off diseases, we must decrease inflammation to let our bodies do it’s job.

Essential Oils to use for optimal digestive health:

  1. Peppermint
  2. Ginger
  3. Lemongrass (purifies the digestive system)
  4. doTerra’s DigestZen
  5. Fennel

Regimen 1:  Use doTerra GX Assist for 10 days to help support the digestive system in eliminating pathogenic microorganisms, followed by PB Assist+ for 5 days to help rebuild friendly flora to aid digestion and prevent pathogenic bacteria.

Other doTerra products:

  1. DigestZen Softgels to help support healthy digestion
  2. Terrazyme for healthy digestion, enzymatic function, and cellular metabolism

To provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for digestive system cellular support:

  1. Alpha CRS+
  2. xEO Mega or vEO Mega
  3. IQ Mega
  4. Microplex VMz
  5. A2Z
  6. Zendocrine

To learn more about these oils or to purchase them, please visit:


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2 Responses to Digestive System and Your Immune System

  1. Good ideas here, Diane. Don’t forget about Zendocrine too. It’s a great detoxifier that I use at times.

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