My Personal Story using Epsom Salt for Healing

DrTealsSix years ago I had lumbar spinal fusion surgery, and over the last couple of years I was having lower back pains again.  One of the screws was misplaced and had to have a revision on my previous surgery.  Unfortunately I am finding that revision surgery is much harder on the body and takes longer to heal.  Three and a half weeks after my surgery, my doctor gave me the okay to soak in baths… meaning it is okay to submerge my back in water now that the skin tissues have healed completely.

As stated earlier, I was in tremendous pain before surgery and would soak in epsom salt baths for about an hour every other day.  The package says to use two cups of epsom salt in a bath, but I used at least double because of the severity of my pain.  When I got out of the bathtub, it eased some of the pain and made me more limber when I moved.  So after the surgery I figured it would be a good idea to go back to that practice.

Now that it has been over a month after surgery and followed up with my doctor, he verified that my tissues were completely healed to be submerged in a bath.  So recently I returned to soaking in epsom salt baths, using the same measurement of salt that I used before.  The reason this helps is because epsom salt reduces inflammation.  And as you can imagine, this surgery produced a tremendous swelling in my back.

I am happy to report that I am now feeling the same results as I did after soaking in epsom baths before surgery. I am again feeling more limber and therefore am moving with a little less pain.  I cannot promise that everyone is going to get the same result but I am sharing what I experience, and would highly recommend at least giving it a try.  Epsom salt bags are relatively inexpensive, so it is worth giving it a try.  As always, first check with your doctor if an epsom bath could be okay for you.

The picture above is the brand I use.

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