Glyphosate Can Kill a Tree Stump, yet the FDA Says it is Safe To Eat???? WTH???

glyphosate kill tree

There is always a debate on whether genetically modified organisms (also known as GMO) foods are safe to eat or not.  Our American government say that it is safe to eat and needed to feed the world.  If you read any of my earlier posts, or have followed me long enough, you know that I think that is false.  Deadly false.  I’m not going to go into details about GMO’s and how they are made as I have posted extensively on it previously.  The purpose of this post to show you, once again, that it’s harmful.

A quick recap on GMO’s is that the DNA of a crop seed is altered by injecting a virus or bacteria into it, thus making it able to survive sprays from Round-Up herbicide.  Most farmers here in the U.S. use Round-Up an herbicide to spray on their crops; you know, the same Round-Up that we use to kill weeds, and well, it can kill pretty much most plant life.  Yet somehow, we are suppose to believe that us consuming vegetables that have been sprayed with Round-Up is perfectly safe to eat.  Well….here is something to think about……

My family and I have been chopping down trees that are near our house.  Of course, chopping down trees alone will not kill them.  The other day I did a quick google search to see how we can kill the tree stumps.  Above is a screenshot of one of my searches that state that spraying glyphosate in the middle of the tree stump will kill it.  Also included in this article is how you should wear gloves and protective clothing while using the glyphosate herbicide.  Now think about that for a minute.  Glyphosate is the herbicide in Round-Up that makes Round-Up work so well in killing plant life.  At the same time, our GMO crops are being sprayed by them.  Yet, at the same time our government is telling us that these Round-Up sprayed GMO’s are healthy for you to eat.  What??????  Do I really need to further explain how ridiculous this sounds???  Think about how in the last 20+ years, around the time that GMO’s were introduced into our foods (in the 1990s), how there have been a significant increase in gut diseases.  If a certain liquid can kill a tree stump, it’s probably not doing a whole lot of good in your stomach.  Just sayin…..  By the way, the above screenshot was taken from the following website:


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