Allergy Sufferer? Colloidal Silver May Be Your Best Friend


colloidal silver

I’m super excited to write this article and share what I recently discovered that tremendously helps my family and I with our allergies!  All my life, I’ve suffered with seasonal allergies, while my husband and daughter have been suffering with allergies over, well….everything.  My husband and daughter, since their allergies are more severe than mine, have seen an allergist and received shots, along with many other pharmaceutical products, such as Flonase, Singulair, and everything else that is in the market.  All to no avail.  We’ve tried every natural product we could think of, nothing.  No help there, either.  Every evening, my husband and daughter would get super stuffed up, sneeze a lot, and constant watery eyes.  I, however, would suffer from allergies whenever the seasons change.  Sudafed became my best friend that I hated.

I have a bottle of colloidal silver from a brand that I really trust and and has been very effective in treating ailments that we’ve had in the past.  So I thought, “I wonder if we use colloidal silver as a nasal spray.  Would it help our allergies (sneezing, watery eyes)?”  I did a quick search on amazon to see if our brand of colloidal silver came in a nasal spray.  And sure enough, it did.  A few days later, it arrived.  And O. M. G.!!!  Talk about quick relief after using it!  And the relief lasts, too!  As soon as one of us sneezes, we spray one squirt in each nostril, and voila!  We don’t sneeze or have stuffy noses or watery eyes the rest of the day.  There has even been a few days in between sprays where we didn’t even feel the need to use anything!  That has never happened to us before!  I posted a screenshot of the colloidal silver nasal spray that we use for your reference in case you want to use the same.

I’m not saying that colloidal silver will help every allergy sufferer out there.  But dang!  It sure has helped my family in a HUGE way, like nothing ever has before.



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