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Choosing the Right Onion

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Plantain and Wound Healing Benefits

  Although plantain is considered a weed to most people, it is actually an herb.  As mentioned in another post, plantain is edible and packed with nutritional benefits.  It is similar to spinach, though slightly more bitter. Wound Healing: The … Continue reading

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Weeds That Are Healthy For You

Believe it or not, some weeds are actually healthy, and healthier than a lot of vegetables.  See below for the healthiest weeds: 1.  Plantain   Plantain is not only nutritionally healthy, but also can be used as first-aid.  It has … Continue reading

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Bottled Water and Fluoride

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Subway – A Healthy (???) Alternative

Many people have this misconception that Subway is a healthier alternative to other fast food restaurants.  Looking closer at the Product Ingredients page taken from Subway’s website shows a different story. * Azodicarbonamide is the same ingredient used in yoga … Continue reading

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Vitamin E – Not all are the Same

            Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant that fights the free radicals that accumulate in your body and cause illness and aging. Some of the many benefits of vitamin E are: Prevents heart disease … Continue reading

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Domino Pure Cane Sugar

  I normally buy Organic Pure Cane Sugar from the market.  Sometimes, the market runs out of it so I end up not buying it all.  Good news here…….I found this post on Domino Sugar’s Facebook page.  Domino’s cane sugar … Continue reading

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Weights and Measurements

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Challenge Dairy Products

Where I live, it is sometimes hard to find organic butter and other dairy products.  We all know some of the dangers of consuming conventional dairy products, such as growth hormones added to them.  This weekend, I had a hard … Continue reading

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Oil Pulling

    My husband has been suffering with a sore throat the past few days and it’s been very difficult for him to eat any foods.  I recently read information regarding oil pulling and had him give it a try … Continue reading

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