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Herbs for Anxiety and Stress

Lavender (fresh or essential oil) — Reduces irritability, and helps promote a relaxed state of mind. Chamomile — Taken as tea, can help you wind down after a hectic day and get you ready for a good night’s sleep. Licorice root … Continue reading

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Pain – Stress – Depression Cycle

People with pain who are recovering from any tissue damage will have reduced neurotransmitters and suffer with a form of depression that is a natural occurrence. The longer a person experiences unresolved pain the more these chemicals are affected and … Continue reading

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Foods to Make You Happy and Depressed

The following increase serotonin levels, which increase happiness: Leafy greens boost energy Cayenne peppers relieve depression Water gives you more energy and less stress Smiling releases happy hormones Green smoothie boosts energy Bananas boost serotonin Epson salt is calming Almonds … Continue reading

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Effects of Anger

Stress is directly related to illnesses. It is essential that you control your stress level.

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