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Allergy Sufferer? Colloidal Silver May Be Your Best Friend

  I’m super excited to write this article and share what I recently discovered that tremendously helps my family and I with our allergies!  All my life, I’ve suffered with seasonal allergies, while my husband and daughter have been suffering … Continue reading

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Natural Bug Spray Recipe

I live in the South and half of my backyard is the woods.  So the bugs down here are atrocious.  I came across this Natural Bug Spray recipe, made a few changes, and tested it.  Right now, the weather is … Continue reading

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Using Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade to Lower Your Cholesterol

All my life I’ve had very high lipid levels. I have a family history of heart disease and get the high cholesterol from that. The 252 you see here from 6 months ago is actually the lowest it’s ever been.  … Continue reading

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Detoxifying Your Body The Natural Way

I recently had a spinal fusion revision surgery.  Revision surgeries are harder on the body and take longer to heal than “first-time” surgeries.  I was experiencing excruciating pain and was on narcotic pain killers for 5 weeks.  I had a … Continue reading

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My Personal Story using Epsom Salt for Healing

Six years ago I had lumbar spinal fusion surgery, and over the last couple of years I was having lower back pains again.  One of the screws was misplaced and had to have a revision on my previous surgery.  Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Natural Pesticide for your Garden

I found a “natural solution” to combat garden pests, tried a few days ago and it works!!!! I’m so happy about this so I thought I would share this recipe with you since I know a lot of you aren’t … Continue reading

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Turmeric -The Wonder Spice

  Turmeric is probably the most effective spice that exists. It is a bright yellow colored spice that is acquired from the Curcuma Longa plant which originates from the Ginger family, which is another powerful spice. There are at least … Continue reading

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